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July 8, 2016
July 23, 2016

Athlete Sports Nutrition


Athlete Sports Nutrition

Sports and nutrition are directly related to each other. Taking into consideration the fact that sports persons need more energy to carry out their sporting activity effectively, it becomes of prime importance to take care of the nutrition for sports performance. Careful planning and implementation is required, when it comes to athlete sports nutrition. Read further to explore information about sports nutrition diet…

As far as the nutritional diet of sportsperson is concerned, there are a  lot of things that deserve proper attention like selection of foods, timing of food intake, selection of nutrition supplement and many more. These things are again decided, keeping in mind several factors like the athletes’ energy needs, body composition, nutritional needs etc.
Here are some sports nutrition diet tips:

  • There is a need to consume fats and in-fact 20-25% of your energy should come from fats. If the fat intake would be less than that, it won’t be able to make any contribution in boosting your performance level.
  • There is a need to eat food before, during and after your exercise session, as that helps to control blood glucose level, thereby helping in enhancing your sports performance.
  • When an athlete performs his/her sporting activity, lot of fluid loss takes place, which causes dehydration. Dehydration can eventually cause heat stroke. So, it is vital to drink adequate water during and after your sports performance.
  • It is advisable for sportspersons to eat a balanced diet consisting of plenty of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Opt for complex carbohydrate food and the intake of fat should be in moderate quantities.
  • It is vital to plan out your pre exercising or sports meal that works best towards charging your energy. Limit the quantity of salt and simple sugar.
  • Don’t change your diet plan before going in for your sports competition.
  • Fasting is not recommended for sportspersons, as it is likely to hamper their performance level.
  • If you feel some kind of discomfort or pain in your abdomen or intestine, then you must have had a high fiber or high fat content food in your pre-exercise/sports meal, so take care that it doesn’t happen again.

Eat well, play well!

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