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October 5, 2017
November 14, 2017

Fat Loss Vs. Weight Loss



Are they the same thing? Well, losing fat is much more difficult than gaining it. Fat loss is very demanding on the body. Fat loss needs to continue for 24 hours, for results to be achieved & not just during the workout.

Most believe that losing fat is mostly a matter of eating fewer calories than you burn every day. Certainly, the fact of a fat loss secret lies in

Calories in Versus Calories Out.

If food intake is higher than the calories burnt= Fat gain

If food intake is lower than the calorie burnt with no workout= Fat Loss + Muscle Loss

If food intake lower than the calories burnt and calorie burn through a workout= Fat Loss + Muscle Gain

Thus, if caloric intake is maintained with a good workout, fat loss is undoubtedly achieved with a muscle gain that helps to increase the metabolism (which further helps in fat loss).

However, fat loss is a process which is visually visible over a period of 4-5 months. Thus, taking up fat loss changes in the form of diet & workout should be a life style change which allows your cells to burn fat constantly.

Also, the term FAT LOSS does not mean WEIGHT LOSS. Weight is a combination of many elements in the body such as water, fluids, muscles, organs, fat etc. Losing weight can also occur by dehydration thus, weight loss is not synonymous to fat loss.


However, fat loss is achieved by burning fat through muscles and a good diet. And muscle build is achieved through weight training which again requires nutrition for correct built. Thus, overall raising metabolism and helping in achieving fat loss.

Too little food will result in poor muscle gain resulting in poor metabolism. Thus, the real trick to effective fat loss is through maintaining metabolism via diet and workout.

Fat intake should primarily come from unsaturated fatty acids e.g. vegetable oils, fish oil, flaxseeds. Fat loss helps in fat reduction but weight loss results in very small amount of fat loss followed by muscle breakdown. When exercise and diet work positively parallel they may be an initial weight gain. However, this is a muscle is heavier than fat. Also, muscle gain due to a muscle build through the right kind of food and exercise helps to burn fat.

Ultimately, fat loss is not dependent on Meat or Proteins or excessive workouts and extreme diets. It a simple rule of life to consume a healthy diet with a good workout and maintain a higher metabolism to achieve a state of fat loss.

Stay Healthy!

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