August 31, 2017
Nutrition for Active Kids
October 5, 2017



While we all wish there was a magic wand to lose fat, our dream has almost come true. We are striving with exercise routines and starving on our diets, but by making a small change in our daily struggle we may be able to speed up the fat loss process. So, include some of these unexpected foods and enjoy a new found metabolic high.

  1. Chilli: spicy chilli peppers have a chemical compound called capsaicin that can kick the sluggish metabolism right up in the fifth gear. Chilli creates a large spike in the heat generation which helps burn more calories and eventually burn fat. So if you can tolerate a ‘hot meal’ and are free from any digestive issues (like ulcers or reflux), add a tablespoon of any hot spice you like- red chilli, black peppers, ginger or cinnamon anytime once a day. Eat it raw, cooked, dried, or powdered. However it is just remember to spice things up.
  1. Water: for years people have imagined the sight of fat melting on drinking hot water. Unfortunately there is no reality in hot water thawing your body’s stored fat. However, what is true is warm water helps one stay satiated and maintains hydration. On the other hand, drinking very very cold water requires additional work by the body to warm it up and helps burning some extra calories. Isn’t it amazing to know that having a glass of zero calorie cold water (which we all love) can eventually help in burning calories (which we all want). Magic!
  1. Caffeine:coffee-171653_1920 stimulates thermogenesis that is, it generates heat and energy from digesting food. A little extra caffeine to your diet can kick start a dull day and may reduce your desire to eat for a brief time. Not really a big surprise for many! However, excess caffeine might cause nervousness, insomnia, nausea, increased blood pressure and other problems. Figure out your sensitivity to caffeine. If it causes any of the above, this natural fat burner is not for you.
  1. Acids: vinegar is a truly sensational ingredient when it comes down to burning fat. It is debatable whether it actually triggers a genetic change or merely increases body temperature to lose weight. Whichever it may be, if interested in trying it, slurp about a tablespoon of vinegar daily, perhaps diluting it with water or soda to make it less acidic and more palatable .If taken alone as a daily tonic, it can be very acidic, and may cause irritation to your throat.
  1. Fat: eating fat to burn fat might sound like a crazy idea, but omega-3 fatty acids from fatty fish like salmon or good fats from nuts, could be just what the body needs to shed off the fat. The combination of proteins, fibre and good fats increases the insulin sensitivity of the body helping it eventually to rev up the metabolism and give up the stored fats.
  1. Cheese: cheese-2368695_1920this rich source of calcium can help improve your body’s fat-burning machinery. Many detest dairy and dairy products for the sake of fat loss. Unless you are intolerant or allergic to lactose, going off dairy is like shooting yourself in the foot. Calcium helps preserve and build muscle mass. It is essential for maintaining a robust metabolism. To help you feel less guilty when you consume dairy, just substitute high-fat dairy products with low-fat dairy. You will not regret the benefits.

These foods definitely can increase metabolism, though only to a minor extent. Most of these ingredients like caffeine, vinegar & spice are calorie free and can be easily introduced in the routine. Somehow it’s exciting to imagine that they simply start dissolving body fat on contact unfortunately, things don’t really work that way. If you are free of any ailments, just try them for a couple of weeks, keep it moderate and observe the changes. If you are lucky, you may just drop a size.

Stay Healthy!

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