Losing Weight by Lifting Weight
August 4, 2017
August 31, 2017



Since the past few weeks and over the next couple of months, festivities have been and are going to be unstoppable. It all started with Rakhee, Ramzan, Govinda and Pateti and coming soon are Ganpati, Navratras, Diwali, Muharram, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Phewww!!! That’s India. A long list of merriment, multiple festivals, mixed cultures, yummy food and loads of fun. Oh! And over and above these I forgot to include the countless smaller events, like weddings, birthdays and of course the routine Saturday nights to make sure we work hard and party harder.

Well, through all this chaos and fun, how do you avoid the festival pitfalls (which trust me, will happen) and to make sure you’re in tip-top condition to look stunning through the celebrations.
To begin with, don’t switch off your mental calorie counter. Freak on all those snacks and goodies but be alert. It becomes very difficult to avoid the yummy bites but the only way out is to remember all the hard work you did to get in shape.
Keep a record of what you eat. Use your phone or an app or a diary to maintain a food log. Keeping yourself aware is the best way to beat the junk.


Grab a small bite at home (like salad, home cooked vegetables or dals) before heading out for any event or function. This way you will not be ravenous when you reach your destination. Also, if it’s going be a long night with a dose of alcohol it will be a good idea to eat something before. Best would be to line your stomach with good carbs like brown rice or whole wheat. It will help you slow down the body’s absorption of alcohol.

If you are fasting through this season, there is very little advice I can give you on timely eating and regular meals (since every religion and culture practice different methods of fasts). However, what I do suggest is, when you eat just watch what you eat. Sugar, fried and starch are the tempting options but completely avoidable. Maintain basic concepts of food in your meal choice and guzzle down at least 2-3 glasses of water before your meals. It will fill you up and hold you back from the useless food.
Keep your dose of vitamins and minerals at peak. With fasting and feasting your immunity can take a ride. So pump up the fruits, salads, soups, seeds, nuts and antioxidants in the diet. Not only will it keep you away from a bad tummy but will help you to get a glow on your skin and fight fatigue.

Kinita Kadakia Sports Dietician

Pre-plan your workout regime without fail. If fasts are keeping your energy levels low, then schedule your one meal of the day around your workout. Exercise will not only burn the extra calories but also help you maintain that muscle tone you have struggled very hard to build.
Eventually, aim to get eight hours sleep if possible. After following a diet and a workout, getting a good night’s sleep is the next best remedy for a bright flawless skin.
To wrap it up, like I always say, moderation is the key to everything. So enjoy festive food with these tips and still keep the weighing scale in balance.
Stay Healthy!

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