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March 22, 2017
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May 3, 2017

Tips for making a healthier salad.


Since salads mainly cater to a set of health conscious individuals, its inclusion for someone seeking fat loss or muscle gain, is significantly beneficial, provided they meet the specific goal. Here are a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind

  • Bread sticks should be avoided with the salad or soups. Instead use roasted whole wheat bread sticks or whole wheat bread


  • Soups should be free from corn flour or any  thickening agents
      • pulse based (lentil, beans, sprouts, mixed pulse)
      • clear vegetable
      • spinach /mushroom/ tomato soup


  • A protein source is a must in any salad like-
      • pulses
      • sprouts
      • boiled egg whites
      • shredded chicken
      • soya nuggets
      • skimmed paneer
      • skimmed curds


  • Basic salad dressings like lemon juice, pepper, mint chutney, mustard and curds with cumin seeds can be used.


  • Make use of fresh herbs rather than fats such as olive oil and butter. Herbs add a unique flavor to any salad.


  • Crunch can be added to the salad by adding toasted / roasted whole wheat bread croutons (not fried) or 2-3 walnuts / fistful peanuts


  • An option for low fat dressings can be made available (Kraft fat-free dressings)


  • You can use all kinds of vegetables  to build your salad
      • Green leafy vegetables
      • cucumber
      • tomato
      • onion
      • chinese lettuce
      • iceberg lettuce
      • fresh corn
      • bell peppers (yellow, red, green)
      • mushrooms
      • black and green olives


Happy Eating!

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