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May 24, 2016
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Weight Loss – A Public Battle?


You could have been good for days, eating well, drinking water, avoiding unnecessary foods, no emotional eating and finally feeling proud of yourself. But is everyone around you equally proud? Over years of counselling I’ve come across many situations where a person has lost oodles of weight with genuine dedication, but somewhere in that process there is an unfit partner who is upset everytime healthy food is ordered or a jealous spouse maybe struggling with personal failed attempts or a fat friend who just can’t handle your success story.

Unfortunately, while edging towards that fitness & weight loss goal you do face unwarranted hurdles apart from person issues of self-motivation, focus and control from cheating on your diet. Although, many family and friends are supportive in your struggle, you may sometimes encounter unexpected reactions on the new terrific looks. The common ones like “OMG! You’ve lost so much weight. Is your health okay? Or “Please stop losing more weight, you look sick” (many come across this bizarre statement when the weight loss is just an initial 1-2 kgs). Remember, if you have still not reached your goal, don’t get too excited with these statements. Ignore them. They are expected, normal and avoidable.

Before you tackle with these comments around you, make sure you have accepted your own journey respectfully. Believe in this process as a change that you have to make to improve your quality of life and daily activities. Just like a sports person. Ever seen them getting affected by ‘weight-loss’ comments? They have to keep fit, keep their edge up and maintain performance standards to be at the peak of their sport. Very similar to the new fitness-food-conscious lifestyle you have begun to approach.

So the question arises, should you make your weight loss goals a personal battle or a public one?

I would say, let the athlete in you rise, whatever you decide, handle this issue with a killer’s instinct. Even if you plan to keep it hidden, at some stage there will be a significant change which will be followed by many compliments and many more comments. Lets see how to deal with them graciously:

  • Some will be encouraged seeing your efforts and dedications. However, those who are not, either love themselves unfit and fat or are just too weak to take up a challenge. Bottomline, try and motivate them. You’ll feel like a proud mentor if you can create one more success story.
  • If your partner loves to eat out or order-in every second day, either involve them in your fitness journey or make your own meal and eat it separately. Watching you watch what you eat could change their outlook eventually.
  • Many friends or acquaintances in a gym or in the society constantly keep asking the secret of you remaining fit or maintaining your weight loss. If it gets too much to tolerate, just lie and say you eat anything you want, as much as you want and never work out….That’ll probably annoy them off more.
  • Your foodie best friend or partner are the most common causes of sabotaging your fitness goals. At a new restaurant you may want to try a new salad but an immediate comment would follow “stop being boring” “don’t order salad, lets just enjoy one meal.” If you are on a diet, stay put on your diet. Indulge after you have reached your goal. When you have deserved it. If that restaurant disappears by then, a better one would have opened somewhere else.
  • Most of the times it’s easy to deal with a friend or your partner, the challenge lies in denying food at family gatherings. When your grandma has specially made that ‘halwa’ you love or your aunt has prepared your favourite childhood dish, denying food then becomes insulting and rude. What you should do, is take a taste. Tell them how much you loved it. Make those relishing sounds. And then put the fork down. You ate less but you still ate for them.

In the end positive comments will always outweigh the negative ones. When a sports person wins that medal, we all eventually commend his efforts and dedication.

Have an athletic mind. Enjoy your fitness journey. Win yourself that medal.

Stay Focussed! Stay Healthy!


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