Nutrition Consultancy by Kinita Kadakia

MEALpyramid is a nutrition consultancy run by award winning nutritionist Kinita Kadakia Patel.

"No one food can make you healthy. Eating a varied selection of foods from every level of the MEALpyramid is the key to being healthy. Each of the basic food groups supplies different nutrients, vitamins and minerals, giving your body the healthy nutrition needed."

At MEALpyramid Kinita aims to make sense out of healthy food. She (Kinita Kadakia) believes when we understand food and all its hidden functions; how it affects the way we look & feel, it becomes easy to say YES to healthy food. Through structured sessions and learning, individually prepared programmes, and on-going support, you will have the tools to take charge of your health and successfully achieve your goals. Your self-awareness will greatly improve, as will your knowledge of food, nutrition and exercise as it applies to you.

Healthy eating habits and adequate physical activity are a key to a healthy life. If we eat the wrong kind of food and eat more than what our body requires then the person becomes over weight and gets prone to disease. Appropriate lifestyle can prevent diseases, improve quality of life and increase life-expectancy.

These are the fundamentals and values behind Kinita’s MEALpyramid – The triangle of health!